What is your name, grade, and area of study? What pronouns do you prefer?
My name is Char and I am currently a senior, I’m studying Medical Anthropology and Global Health. I use the pronoun she/her.

Why did you decide to pursue your major?
I decided to pursue this major to receive a BA from UW before going into Nursing.

How often do you experience microaggressions from professors and students because of your identity? Can you describe an instance from which you’d like others to learn?
I believe I don’t experience macroaggression from my professors. I don’t feel like I’ve had an instance so far, at least this year I haven’t.

Do you think your gender plays a role in how you are treated on campus or in the classroom—positively or negatively?
I don’t believe my gender plays a role in the way I am treated in the classroom…as for on campus, I don’t believe so either.

Do you receive support in those situations? How? If not, then what kind support do you wish you were provided?
I haven’t received macroaggressions so [support was not necessary].

In what ways does the UW lack a diverse community for Black students? What changes would you like to see?
Freshman year there was no one that looked like me around, so that was difficult. But so far I have seen an increase in diversity.

What are your thoughts on this year’s presidential elections?
This year’s election…I felt was a joke and showed how far we as a country have come.

If you had the chance to tell all white people something, what would you say?
I don’t think I need a chance to tell [white people] anything because I deal with [white people] on a daily basis so there is nothing particular I want to say to them or need to say to them in a regular situation.

If you had the chance to give advice to a young Black child, what would you tell them?
I would tell them education is key and it is the way to…not move up…but a way to succeed in the society that we live in today.